School Sponsorship



Sponsoring your child only cost $90 for the entire school year. The parents are required to take part in their children’s education by involvement in the their child’s school, but this covers their basic fees. 100% of your sponsorship goes to the school. Your donation for the school lunch program is welcome, as well as any donation of school supplies you would like to give when we gather supplies for the annual shipping container. When you sponsor a child to school, we will take a picture of the child and send it to you when we return to the States at the end of the school year.

The School Sponsorship Program is the first program we started; it is beginning its 15th year. With the recession in the United States the number of children sponsored has dropped and has not recovered. There are a little over 200 children receiving scholarships, but there are many more children not receiving an education. Most of the adults we work with are completely illiterate or have had very little education. It is so very hard to consider Haiti a developing nation when so many of the people are not able to even write their names.

We are working to improve the education the children are receiving. We now have a library in each of the schools, and are starting book clubs with the teachers to help improve their reading and comprehension skills.  Once they learn the concept of reading clubs, they will duplicate the process with the top students.

If we are to realize the dream of a future where the Haitian people are no longer dependent on aid, but truly free and providing for their own needs, these children are the ones who will make the difference, and to do this they must have an education.

If you are a sponsor for a child, you understand this and thank you from not only the child who is benefiting, but from the parish of Riviere Mancelle. You are investing in their future.

If you are not a current sponsor, please consider this program. It costs $90.00 a year to send one child to school for a year.

There are children graduating from primary school that need support to go to high school and different training schools. These cost very, if you are interested in helping one of these students please contact us.