Artisan Groups


From the beginning of our ministry we have brought back crafts and coffee made and grown locally, and throughout Haiti.

A youth group was formed that makes paper beads and jewelry. They have been very prolific, producing beautiful jewelry.

Another craft group is making rag rugs. The colorful rugs this group produces are braided as they are woven creating thick, durable rugs.

Our most recent craft group formed is making napkin rings. These brightly colored napkin rings are shaped from wood into different fruits, fish, and other objects that reflect Haitian culture. Each unique ring is an object of art in itself.

These projects inspire hope and allow these artisans to send their children to school, buy seed for their gardens, and buy food for their families. They enjoy sitting together while they work creating bonds that strengthened their community. Please come and see their work at any of our sales and consider giving gifts that give twice.

Please contact us if you can are interested in wholesale orders.