Rocket Stoves, Gassifier Stoves and Power Systems

Three stone fires are wasteful and dangerous, exposing people to heavy doses of wood smoke that is equivalent to smoking three packs of cigarettes a day.

For the past several years, Bob Fairchild an engineer and longtime Haiti Project team member has been developing and building rocket stoves as an alternative to the traditional three stone fire for schools in the area. His initial design used a 55 gallon steel drum. His current designs use stainless steel liners with galvanized steel shells.

Bob is also designing and fabricating gasifier stoves. These stoves are designed for family use. They are unique in that they can burn any dry fuel. They work on the principle of heating the fuel and first burning the gases given off, and then use the remaining charcoal. This offers the promise of replacing expensive charcoal with low cost, renewable fuels. Bob’s donation of time, talent and materials is making an amazing difference in the lives of those we serve.

On the last shipping container we shipped the machinery necessary to mass produce stoves. We envision developing a trade school facility that is used mornings for instruction and afternoons for production. We would also like to include woodworking skills.

A small work shop has been built, and furnished.  We are using the shop to teach proper use of tools and understanding of fabrication techniques.

We have installed and maintain solar electric systems and or generators at the main church, rectory, chapels, and two dispensaries. These systems are very basic but provide electricity for limited lighting and sound systems at the churches and chapels.