Back in Haiti

January 26, 2018

Back in Haiti again

We returned last week after spending the holidays in the US. It was wonderful to see our family and friends again, but it was not time off. We saw many of you at the churches we visited and produced and sent out a newsletter. The time pasted very quickly, it is always hard for us to leave our wonderful family and all of our great friends.

When we leave our apartment we have to take down the solar panels (so they won’t get stolen), along with rocket stoves, wash tubs ect… Upon our return we have to set this all back up. The solar electric take about a week for it to provide the current we need so at first we only have electricity from the generator in the evening for a couple of hours. This is always an adjustment as Americans we are used to having our power. It occurred to me when a friend was visiting and Bob started the generator my Haitian friend was amazed when the lights came on in our house.

We came back and our parish has been split, Riviere Mancelle still has Fr. Gracia and three of the schools we support along with several other projects. Where we live and two of the schools plus our Center are located in the new parish Noter Dam de Gudaloupe with a new priest Fr. Dashmy. We are not sure of how this is all going to work out, so far our apartment, schools we support, our Center is not threatened. The new parish does not have support from any other source so I don’t imagine there will be any problems. Sr. Pat and Sr. Jackie’s house and the school they support are also in the new parish. Time will tell how this will all evolve.

Last Sunday a service group at our church had an anniversary; the new priest came and said mass. He is a very dynamic speaker the people really seem to like him a lot. After mass the people had a feast, I was impressed with how much food they had. It was very nice to be included in this celebration.

We had a meeting with Sr. Augustien the director of the schools in Riviere Mancelle that went very well. There are several more meetings planned and then next week we will travel to Cape Haitian to help with another project. I hope to meet with the agronomist Alex Oliver that we work on vanilla with and visit a chocolate factory.

Thank you for your prayers and you interest,