Haitian Art Advent Sale

Greeting Everyone!!

We are back with our Annual Haitian Art Advent Sale. We have many gift items starting at $4 for handmade tin art Christmas tree ornaments. There are many new items, along with our traditional vanilla and our very own “The Haiti Lady’s”, handmade chocolate. Our chocolate is made with cocoa beans grown at the Fr. Jim Agriculture Center, sun dried, roasted over an open fire, cleaned and then pounded into a paste in Gasin, Haiti. It is then brought back to the US, where Denise and her staff of volunteers turn it into chocolate bars.

Remember gifts bought from the Haiti Project give three times, once to the Haitian artist that made the gift, second to your gift recipient, and third, to The Haiti Project.

Our Schedule

This weekend, December 2nd and 3rd. St Joe Huntsville, Alabama

December 9th and 10th. St. Thomas Cookeville, TN

December 17th St. Andrew Sparta, TN

If you are interested in Haitian art and are unable to see us at one of these events, please contact us.

New beginning this year!

100% of the sale price of “The Haiti Lady’s” chocolate bars goes to buy food for the children’s school lunch. All ingredients, transportation and labor, from bean to wrapped chocolate bars, are donated.

This is important because $10 US dollars = 40 school lunches. That’s forty children…, yes 40.

God Bless one and all, we look forward to seeing you soon. Bob and Denise

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