A Different side of Haiti

October 25, 2017

A different side of Haiti

Bob and I are spending this week helping out at Mathew 25.Mathew 25 is the Parish Twinning Program’s guest house. It is located in an upper middle class neighborhood in Port Au Prince. They have a Haitian staff and usually American that hosts for a year. The American they had this year needed to cut her stay short so presently they are looking for someone to fill this position. Because of our close ties and support we receive from PTPA Bob and I came to help out with a busy week for the staff. There has been a large group and several other guests here this week.

The devoted teams and individuals we have met are inspiring, we have been able to share ideas and get new insights into our work. As always when serving the Lord, we are receiving more than we have been giving. For some of the guests this is their first visit to Haiti, hearing their impressions brings a new light to our understanding of Haiti. Bob and I have realized we need to be more proactive with encouraging people to visit Haiti. So here is an open invitation to all of you to come and see firsthand what your donations are accomplishing.

The woman who runs Mathew 25 is named Phaimie , she is a lovely middle aged Haitian woman with endless energy. Venders selling fresh fruits and vegetables come to the front gate each morning; I find it a lovely site to watch her choose fresh food for the evening meal. With about thirty guests staying here this week we are glad to be able to help her with all the questions and needs of the guests

The contrast of the people living in this neighborhood is vast. People here are educated; they have cars, electricity, internet, and running water. The children go to school; they all seem to have nice clothes and shoes. We have not been told all week that someone is hungry or asked for money. Having an education makes such a difference in people’s lives; thank you to all of you that are helping the children in our area have an opportunity to receive an education. We truly believe this is making a tremendous difference to the future for the communities in Riviere Mancelle.

We are also taking advantage of being in Port au Prince to purchase art for our Christmas sales when we get home. We found a wonderful store that sold to us wholesale. We found many new items we have not carried before, and some things we have but at a better price. We look forward to sharing these items with you when we return.

After shopping we visited a historic, Hotel Oloffson, this was the setting for the popular novel The Comedians, and had lunch. This was like an hour of vacation, which we really enjoyed. While here in Port au Prince we also got our truck maintenance taken care of.

The people from our village have called to check on us several times. They are always concerned for our safety. I miss them and certainly prefer our life in the country, although having internet access is very nice. We have been able to call our family and friends on face book messenger which helps with the home sickness part of our work here.

Thank you for your prayers and your interest,

Denise s.d.s.

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  1. R Oliver

    You needed a respite, & God knew it!! So glad you have some time to breathe & enjoy where you are a little – especially being able to communicate w/family & friends. Know you miss them. Thinking of you both & your wonderful work there inHaiti!

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