Over Whelmed!

October 3 2017

Over Whelmed!

Bob mentioned our young friend who came to visit this weekend. He is a very fine young man, a high school student with very good grades. He has leadership skills and hopes to continue his education into college. He attends church each week and plays the drum for the service. His father has left their family and the mother has very little money. He has told us he doesn’t have money so he can’t eat all day, then when he goes home often he can’t find food. I know most the children here don’t get to eat every day, but when it is a good friend it really brings it home.

He has three siblings, a sister in a vocational school and two younger ones at home. The two younger children are eligible to go to school but can’t attend because like many other children here they don’t have shoes. It is so frustrating! I want to buy the children food, shoes, fix people’s houses ect… ect… But the problems are too great; there are far too many people in this situation. If you help one there are thousands more in line for help.

We try to find solutions but they seem to always have another problem attached. So the kid gets to go to a good secondary school but has no food, how can we expect him to keep his grades up without anything to eat? If we give one kid money so they can eat every day, then what about all the other kids with nothing to eat? If we buy shoes for two children so they can attend school, what about all the other kids?

We do feed children every night what is left on our table; I know our cooks feed some elderly people in the community from our groceries. But how do we reach something sustainable? Some of the road blocks are cultural, not only here in Haiti but universal. We have men leave their families in the US but we have welfare, and job training, and jobs. Opportunities for families to eat, children can go to school, mothers can find jobs.

Bob and I ask if you could please collect shoes (any size) for our next shipping container that will leave in March. We know it is just a Band-Aid but without education there is no hope for change. Your donations to the school lunch program are a big help, the children and staff are thrilled on the days they get a meal. Creating jobs would help but this is also difficult, we continue to strive for more possibilities for the people here. We continue to educate the farmers so they can produce better crops to improve the families’ income. There are also our programs with the women’s groups providing education and training to create art we can bring back to sell. We can see improvements; we can see some of the families are raising themselves up. Jesus did say we would always have the poor among us, I guess it is just hard to live among the poor.

Thank you for your interest, thank you so much for your prayers,

Denise sds

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