Give us this day our daily bread.

Give us this day our daily bread.

September 30, 2017

Today I sat and listened to a young friend, Louienel, he is in the 13th grade, with two more to go to graduate secondary school.

We have known Louinel since he was an infant. Last week was his birthday, he is now 18.

He has been sponsored in school from the beginning.

He now goes to secondary school five kilometers away in town.

He studies very hard and is doing very well.

Today I asked him what problems he wants to solve in his country. He is thinking about that.

He said he knows that he needs schooling to solve problems.

He would like to be an engineer, or a doctor, or maybe a priest.

Last year he asked me for a bicycle. A friend of ours in the US made that possible.

This year Louinel only comes home from school occasionally and on weekends because he often does not finish school until 6:00 in the evening.

When he stays in town, he stays with another of our young friends older sister. This young man is also in secondary school and also stays with her during the school week.

When Louinel is home on the weekends he prepares for the following week and studies. And visits us. On Sundays he plays drums in church.

Drums are the only instruments we have at church. Drums and singing. The singing is beautiful. So are the drums. Sometimes when the Holy Spirit fills the church, there is dancing.

Today I asked him how his mother was, he replied, “not so good, not so bad”. We have not seen much of her lately. She normally comes to church weekly. Her life is difficult.

His father had asked to come visit us last weekend. His daughter, Louinel’s sister,

needed some tools for a class on electricity she is taking afternoons.

We told him to come. I very well may have the

tools she needs.

He did not come until late Sunday while we were occupied, I told him to wait, but he left.

Today I told Louinel to tell his father to return.

We shall see.

Today Louinel told us he is often hungry. He said that often when he goes home his mother has no food.

His family is better off than most.

Everyone is hungry.

When he visits us, we share food.

It is never enough.

Everyone is hungry.

During lent we collect money to buy food for the children in school. There are 850 children in school.

This year we collected enough money that the children are only going hungry 3 of the five school days a week.

We only buy local food, the money goes into the local economy. Maybe. just maybe, the local people who raise and sell the food to the schools will be able to eat a little more often too….