We have had some success!

September 17, 2017

Sometimes we have successes

Many of you are aware that I have a group of ladies that make rag rugs to sell. When we arrived in Haiti Madam Alexie ( who makes the rugs with a different pattern) brought me three rugs she made over the summer. Her rugs are of the best quality so I sell them for thirty-five dollars. After church on Sunday she stopped Bob and I asking for help with her house. It seems that the high winds we received from Hurricane Irma blew in one wall of her house. She wanted help from us for the repair.

This is difficult; we have two other families who have asked us to build them a new house, because their houses are in such bad repair. Our funds are donated for specific purposes, and the funds that are not specified are used to fill in shortfalls. We don’t have the funds to build houses no matter how real the need is.

That afternoon we had some American visitors, Gail who has been living and working in Haiti for the last year and a half. Asked if I had any rugs? She is returning to the US for a wedding, and needed a present for the young couple. I showed her the three I had and she decided to buy two of them. Madam Alexie needed 15 bags of cement to fix her house, the cost here would be 105.00US for the cement, we fronted her money for the third rug and she had the 105.00Us she needed to fix her house without help from us. I did offer to take her to town to buy the cement and transport it in our truck to save her the delivery charge.

This was seeing real progress in helping the people here to rely on their own abilities to help themselves. I am proud for Madam that through her own skills she was able to repair her home. Yes I do sell the rugs but to me this is giving a hand up not a hand out.

Our young friend Maxo (young man we helped to get to hospital in the south of Haiti) had surgery to cover his bedsores this week. I got a report that he did well in surgery, and will be able to move to the rehab facility in a few days. I praise God for this blessing in his life.

We have spent a lot of time this week at the hospital; this is confusing and tiring work. One of the patients’ we brought back from Port with us last week had abdominal surgery. She needed to go on Monday to the local hospital to have the stitches removed. The doctor here has wanted to see her every other day to be sure she doesn’t get an infection. A man in our village came to us with a tooth infection that was visible on the outside on his face, and another gentleman has a hernia in his groin I wanted o be verified before setting up surgery in Port for him. Although Bob and I hadn’t planned on medical (other than supporting the clinics) being a part of our ministry here it’s hard to ignore the need.

Although we have been once again spared from a direct hit from Hurricane Marie we have had a lot of rain, the roads are so muddy! But everything is very green. I pray for all those that have been hit by ll this year’s hurricanes.

Thank you for your prayers and interest,

Denise sds

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