Miracles do happen

September 6th 2017

Miracles happen

This has been a very busy week. We were involved in a agricultural conference. The conference was given by the Haitian agronomist we work with, we were happy to see how well he put it together with very little help or support. The conference was well attended and the participants were very engaged.

I did not attend the conference each day because I was trying to find help for my young friend Maxo. I spent a whole morning emailing different administrators to a rehab hospital in the South of Haiti. St. Boniface is a wonderful facility with a medical hospital and then a rehab facility. On Thursday I was trying to reach one of the people in admitting with no luck. I sat down and prayed for the mercy of God to help Maxo. Just as I finished the prayer my phone rang, on the other end was a wonderful woman named Lisa. Her husband is a doctor at the hospital and she was going to help Maxo. Lisa worked very hard making all the necessary arrangements.

On Friday we went to Gonaives (where Maxo lives) to check on him on our way to Port au Prince. We needed to pick up our friend Robert an architect coming to help with plans to rebuild our main school. Just as we arrived in Gonaives Lisa called to tell us a helicopter would come to get Maxo. We needed to take him to the hospital there and admit him so the helicopter could pick him up. The hospital felt like this would be the best way to transport him. St. Boniface is funded through USAID and all his care is free. Maxo’s terrible bedsores will be treated along with rehab, counseling and vocational training. This is really a miracle, probably saving his life and giving him a chance to have meaning in his life.

Monday we traveled to Kalabot so Robert could measure and see the site for the school. We met with the sisters discussing the school and budgets for the coming school year. The sisters served us a wonderful lunch. After lunch we met with committee from the area and discussed restarting the water project. We felt good about the committee and agreed to begin the next phase of the water project.

Now we are preparing for the hurricane Irma. Right now it looks like it will not hit us directly. We are making preparations just in case. We have tarps, blankets, bleach (to purify water) and extra food. We will be safe but our neighbors hut could not. We want to be prepared to help if we’re needed.

Thank you for your interest and your prayers,

Denise sds