life is and then gets harder

August 29, 2017

And then Life gets harder

Many things going on , Bob wrote about Sr. Jackie getting hit by a moto last week while crossing the street to her car. She was Medavaced to Florida, She has had surgery to repair her right arm, and right femur last Monday. Today she will have her left shoulder replaced, and Friday more surgery to repair multiple fractures in her right leg. We’re all praying for her complete recovery.

This has brought awareness of needing good evacuation insurance. The cost for her flight to Port Au Prince alone was 10,000.00 US. The Medavac to the US we have no idea of the cost. We purchased insurance through American Airlines for travel but have found out the company will not really pay when there is an emergency. We are currently researching other plans.

Monday Bob and I meet our good friends Anita and Elwood in Gonaives. Bob and Elwood returned to our area and took several of the Haitians who work with us to register for the agricultural conference being held this week.

Anita and I went to check on my friend Maxo in Gonaives. Maxo is a 25 year old man who has been a friend for several years. You may recall me speaking of him last spring. He fell from a mango tree while picking mangoes a year ago last July. He injured his head and back and has been left a paraplegic. Bob and I brought him a wheel chair, and gave his family money to help care for him. I found a hospital in the South of Haiti that has a rehab facility for such injuries. I contacted them and have been trying to get Maxo into their program for months. Even while in the US I tried calling to see the progress of his application. The program is a USAID program so there is no charge.

I had contacted the hospital again upon my arrival back in Haiti and found there is a new director for the program. A friend in the village brought pictures of bedsores that Maxo has developed. I spoke to the director about the new development. I also spoke to Anita about the problem, she has moved to the South of Haiti and lives close to this hospital. So on Friday she went in person to speak to the director and try to solicit help.

When we entered the very small two room house we notice a foul smell nothing could have prepared us for the severe bedsores we found. We had both seen bedsores in the past maybe the size of a silver dollar. Maxo has lost the upper layer of skin on both testicles, his back has a bedsore that measures 3x 5 inches with the perimeter skin for at least an inch or maybe two not attached. There is a place that the sore is ¾ of an inch deep. Anita brought supplies left over from her Father-in-laws illness and spread a silver sulphide cream over the lesions and had a bandage specifically for bedsores that she placed over his back. She also applied the cream to his genitals and placed a gauze bandage as best she could over them to keep the flies away.

Maxo was running a fever so we left Ibuprofen and an antibiotic. I had a few adult vitamins that we also gave to him. Maxo is lying on a concrete floor with a grass mat under him. The mother is trying the best she can and is keeping him very clean. She told us she has no one to help her Maxo’s father is dead and she can only beg to get money. She has tried to get help but none of the medicines people sell her are helping. We saw a bottle of iron on the table; although he probably needs the iron it is not going to help this problem. I could not sleep all night last night worrying about Maxo. Please pray for this young man that he can get some help.

This has also made me feel guilty for my attitude about people begging. It is so easy to judge and turn away without knowing the story behind the hand asking for help. These are images that I don’t think will ever leave me. I pray I can report a happy ending to this story.

I am sorry this entry is so long but I couldn’t think of a faster way to tell the story. Elwood and Anita are spending the week with us. Elwood and Bob are attending the Agricultural conference and Anita is checking on past patients. Anita and I are desperately looking for long term help for Maxo at the hospital we contacted or somewhere else.

Our friend Robert is coming in on Friday. He is a new member to our team. He is an architect coming to draw plans for the school in Kalabot that was damaged during the earth quake. The plan was to take the second story down and put a roof on the first story. But when they started to take the second story off the first story crumbled. The professional drawings will help us to raise funding for this project.

Thank you for your interest and prayers,

Denise s.d.s.