Sea Container update

The Parish Twinning Programs Annual Sea Container Program for Haiti spent the last two weeks collecting donated relief items for Haiti. Next week we will load the containers. It looks like it might take seven containers this year.

Special thanks to the following people for their contribution. (In no special order) Please forgive me if I have left you off this list.

Renee Madwell, Rob Benshoof, Pat, Tim, Mick, Big Bob, John and Linda Demick, John White, Frank and Sue Smith, Cathy Randolf, Bauduin Foundation, Sr Donna, Mona, Bob Fairchild, Robby and Angel Snyder, Carla Wyss, Joe Ross, Merry Charron, Darlene Thomas and Murfreesboro Schools, Joey and Sara Fry, Haley and Casey Curtis, Fr. David Cooney, Bryan and Liz Kleperak, Louis and Christine Colomborini, Chris Hubert and all of the rest of you wonderful friends and family that support the Haiti Project. A little reminder: Please remember the food for the school lunch program for the children in Haiti during lent. A donation for as little as $5 will feed twenty children lunch for one day. Many people making small sacrafices together make a big impact. M’eci Anpil, Thank you very much.

Bob and Denise