Feeding the Children

The School Lunch Program


$45 Feeds a Student for 1 Year

The Haiti Project’s School Lunch Program is the primary, often the only source, of food for the 5 schools of Riviere Mancelle.


Hunger and poor nutrition are serious problems in Haiti. Our area is no exception. Many children do not eat every day. The consequences are stunted physical and intellectual development.

What can you do about it?

Support The School Lunch Program.

When friends like you partner with us, we can combat the hunger of the children by providing food for The School Lunch Program.

100% of Your Donation Goes to Buy Food Only.

All other associated expenses are funded separately.

Our goal: feed 750 children, 180 days @ 25¢ a meal. Imagine your donation of only $5 feeds 20 children

We are working on long term solutions by working with parents and students to develop school gardens, hosting nutrition clinics and teaching farmers improved farming practices to increase yields and reduce environmental impact. Beginning January 2017 we began buying food from local farmers, rather than buying imported food. We are working very hard to facilitate changes to help these families.

This is a very important program. Riviere Mancelle has very few resources. Many people earn less than $1.00 US a day. Many of the children go to bed hungry. Your donation fights their hunger.

Charitable contributions from people like you are the foundation of The School Lunch Program. This Lent please consider feeding the children as part of your Lenten sacrifice.

Please send your check to: The Haiti Project – 3668 Lower Helton Rd.- Alexandria, TN 37012 Or donate online at: www.PartnerInHaiti.org (please specify lunch program)