Another week in the feild

February 21,2017 Another week in the field This week as week we spend here, pretty much proved to be interesting and eventful. Monday we spent at the sister’s house so we could use their internet. It has become apparent that people are not receiving emails that I send from my phone. I don’t understand why, it has always worked in the past but several people have let me know they did not receive my emails. This means I need to take my computer to town where there is WIFI to send an email. I do receive emails, as far as I know, also to post a blog and to down load books to my kindle I need to have WIFI. We have looked into having WIFI at our apartment but it is very expensive and questionable if it would even work. Our batteries for our solar panel are dying, our electricity is very limited. We are turning our inverter off all day, and only have electricity for a few hours at night. We do have some solar lights we use but these too are limited. We hope to be able to replace our batteries next fall when we return to Haiti. We have been given a couple more solar panels and are planning to add them to the system when we get our new batteries. Monday night we received a call from Sr. Pat asking us to pick up Sr. Carmel from Gros Morne she was going to have a mobile clinic in Buchan Richard. Bob went to get her and brought her to the apartment. We had the boxes we had picked up in Gonaives for her and she needed to go through them to see what needed to go to her clinic in Kalabot and what she wanted to go to the hospital in Gros Morne. I then took her to Buchan Richard. I had no idea of what we were going to do really. When we arrived a young nurse was already there and had set up a small pharmacy on a table in the church. Sister started by addressing the people who were waiting in the court yard of the church, she spoke about nutrition and then we had prayer. We saw 29 people I was impressed at how knowledgeable sister was. She is our first nun to have had good training in medical, she has a lot of energy and a real passion for serving the people of RIviere Mancelle.I was very encouraged by her. Wednesday was a day we took to get caught up round the apartment. I used to feel guilty when we had a down day. Now I know they are necessary for our sanity. There is always maintenance as in any home, plus just time to relax. I noticed we didn’t see Mano all day but this is not totally unusual since his stroke. He is able to walk, but he is still weak. That night at dinner Bermond told us Mano had a fever, and was shaking. So we went to check on him, I decided that he needed to go to the hospital. Someone that was not so frail I would have given Tylenol and waited to see how they were the next day, but he is very frail right now. We finished eating and loaded him up in the truck. You have to bring your own sheets, blankets, towels, pillow, bucket everything you may need with you to the hospital. We got to the hospital and took him to emergency. The doctor needed to see his medications; I had forgotten to grab them. So Bob and I had to return to Garcin to get them. This is about an hour long trip. We had stopped and got John Lwi on our way to the hospital so he stayed with Mano. He also spent the night with Mano at the hospital that night. Early Thursday morning we left to find motos to take us and two of the volunteers to Kalabat. The road is very bad shape from all the rain this winter. We could not take our truck. We were going up for an agricultural meeting, meet with the sisters to discuss the schools, and set dates for the Woman’s formations. The meeting was to begin at nine and we arrived after a torturous trip at ten minutes to nine. No one was there, this did not surprise us. Soon people started to arrive and about an hour later the meeting began. Problems were brought up that they had been given solutions for at previous workshops. Sr. Victoria got up and gave this wonderful talk. She told the people that Haiti would never change if everyone sat around and waited for the US to save them. They had been given several workshops and they needed to put their new knowledge to work. She also said that she didn’t have money to give anyone, but she had knowledge that she could share just like us. It was inspiring and something we are hearing from our leaders more and more. After the meeting we went to the sister’s house for some soup left over from the school lunch. We started to meet with Sr. Augustine about the schools but our moto drivers came to get us. It was starting to rain and they were concerned about getting us back. So Sr. Augustine is coming to take sponsored children’s pictures on Thursday and we will finish our meeting then. Because of the rain we went back down the mountain faster than we went up. I had forgotten just how hard this trip is on moto and the road thru the river being so bad. By the time we got to town I was ready to start to cry from all the jostling for over an hour. We got our truck and went to the hospital to check on Mano. He was a little better but had not had any food. We went and bought him food and returned home. Friday I was so sore from the trip to Kalabat I just worked on research for the woman’s workshop and took it easy. Bob went to town to check on Mano and to go to the bank. They said Mano could leave later that day. Bob waited around and then came back home, John Lwi would call when Mano could leave. About seven o’clock we got word Mano could leave. Bermand and Bob left to go get him. But when they got to the hospital they were told, no he could not leave; poor Mano was all dressed sitting on his bed ready to leave. He did need more medication so it was a good thing Bob went so he could buy it for him. Saturday morning Bob and Bermand went to the Center and I did laundry. We then got a call that Mano was ready to come home. So when Bob returned we went to town to get Mano. We brought him back home then went back to town to meet with Pushen a volunteer that is going to help me with the woman’s workshop. I still have a lot to do to arrange these workshops. The first one will be on February 28th, and one at our Center the day before we leave on the 7th of March. Thank you for your interest and your prayers, Denise

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