Flag Day

received_1607691509545489 received_1607692556212051It has been a while since I have posted.

When we first returned from Haiti, right after Easter, we both worked on the shipping container, and then, we were blessed with a wonderful job for me.

We have also been blessed with a wonderful family, and friends.

And now I am adjusting to living back in first world time. As opposed to Haiti time. This is my excuse for not writing.

Today, our friend, Derys Louinel, last name first, just sent us two pictures of the big Flag Day celebration in our home village of Garcin, Haiti.

There was a parade and a feast.

Hope these picts display completely. If not, I will reformat and try again.

Thank you Louinel. Please tell every one that we miss them.

The parade picture shows the school children marching down from the school. From there, they march past the the handful of market stalls, and two water stations that make up the village.

In the picture of the ladies serving the feast, Jeanette is on the far left, and standing next to her is Mdm Friznel. These two ladies are amazing. When we are in Garcin, they help us with our day to day survival needs.

Attitude of Poverty

Breaking the attitude of poverty.

Or, From entitlement to empowerment..

part one

Poverty can is defined by both lack of resorces and a lack of choices. The poorest of the poor have few choices with few resources. They are faced with making a choice like, “Do I spend the only five gourdes I have on clean water, or do I by a piece of bread, and drink from the polluted river?”

With little if any education, how does someone know how to make a good choice between, “When I sell my vegetables in the market, do I buy more food, or do I buy my child a Tampico?” (Tampico is a sugary fruit flavored drink with little or no nutritional value)

Sustainable change begins with people. It begins by asking “What problems do you want to solve”, not “What can somebody else do for you”.

People need to be asked what do they have, not what do they need.

The only control a person has is over themselfs, and the resorces they do have. Only they can change the way they view their resources.

The first step out of poverty is to value what you have.

If you do not value what little you have, it will be taken away from you.

If you do not value your water, it will become polluted. If you do not value your trees and cut them down, you will loose your soil. If you do not value your opportunities for education you will spiral down in ignorance, destroying future generations as well.

When you know truth, but choose lies, you become blind to truth.

Even if you have little, if you use it wisely, it will grow and you will have more.

Small seeds grow into big trees.