The Children say “Mèsi Ampil” (thank you very much)

Fr. Gracia and Bob inspecting food for Chateau. Cookinghaiti may 2012 032haiti may 2012 029IMG_9335 IMG_5314IMG_9338The official tally is in; through the generous sharing of our many friends, partners and benefactors we have received money to buy food for a total of 83,300 school lunches for the 2015-2016 school year!

Mèsi Ampil! Thank you very much from all the school children of Riviere Mancell, Haiti.

A special thank you to the Sisters of the Divine Savior for their 2015 Lenten Project for the school lunch program.  Thank you Salvatorian Family and Community House Staff. God bless everyone who participated in the Sisters’ 2015 Lenten Project. All together they raised $11,000.00 (USD), enough money to buy food for 44,000 school lunches. This total includes donations from members of all three branches of the Salvatorian Family USA, members of the Sisters Community House Staff as well as the matching funds promised by the Sisters Province.

This year we have one school garden and next year our goal is to have a garden at    the four other schools.

This coming school year we would like to start buying some of the food from local farmers. This will not only put money back into the local economy, it will also help develop a collaborative working relationship between the farmers and the school community.



Many, many, hands……..

The Parish Twinning Program’s sea container program is absolutely astounding. This year the program will be shipping seven, forty-foot containers to twin parishes in Haiti. This is a 30% increase over last year.

Our shipment to the parish of Riviere Mancelle represents about 3% of the total. Many thanks to all the people who  donate, pack, transport and give the financial support to make this possible.