The Haiti Project is a partnership between those of us living in the first world and the impoverished people living in the parish of Riviere Mancelle, Haiti.


We have many team members from all over the country. Some people travel to Haiti to work on projects and some who work where they live. Some people help by collecting things for the shipping container, some by packing the shipping container. We have some who sponsor a child in school, some who contribute to the building fund at the Fr. Jim Agriculture Center and others that contribute to general expenses. There are as many diverse needs as there are many diverse people to meet those needs.

If you are not a member of the Haiti Project and you feel called, you are invited to join our partnership with the people of Riveire Mancell, Haiti. Your time, talent and treasure will change lives.

The Haiti Project provides the connection between concerned people here in the United States and the people of Riviere Mancelle Haiti